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Started by two brothers in late 2000, Software Technologies LLC has grown through the years, gaining hundreds of satisfied customers along the way.

It all started with one program, Countdown Clock, which at the time was considered a "millenium clock". Originally written as more of a test program, it was adapted into a full shareware product. Years later it received a much needed renovation by adding features increasing its ease of use.

From there, we received a request for a scoreboard, which quickly became a great seller and started our PC Scoreboards division. Our scoreboards division has grown from a single sport to over a dozen different scoreboards. Since then, we have also added web hosting and educational software to our list of products.

Our loyal customers have requested additional programs that have gone on to become some of our best sellers. By listening to our customers, we work to develop programs that exceed our user's needs.

Software Technologies LLC has grown significantly from its humble single program beginnings, and still remains fully owned and operated by the original brothers.

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